A. Relation to Policy: Identification and development of suitable breeds of livestock and poultry for diverse geographical environment.

- Establishment of Suitable Breed of Jersey cow on the basis of suitability of Nepalese climate for milk production.
- Development of local Lulu and Achhamee cows by applying proper selection methods.
- Improvement of breeds of Yak and Nak by appropriate selection methods.
- Identification and development of suitable breeds of livestock and poultry.

- Development of Lime, Parkote and gaddi buffaloes in hills through proper selection methods.
- Development of murrah breeds of buffaloes for Terai, shivalik range and low altitude of mid hills

- Selection methods of Sinhal and Chyangra breeds of goat for mountain regions.
- Khari breeds of goat for mid hills.

- Selection methods of Bhyaglung and baruwal breeds for mountains region.
- Kage breeds for mid hills.
- Lampuchhre for Terai.

- Development of black colored breeds of pigs.
- For the suitable climatic condition of Nepal development of exotic breeds like Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc.

- Suitable breeds for rural poultry for each eco-zones.

- Development of suitable livestock and poultry breeds of meat on the basis suitability of Nepalese climate
- Periodic Improvement and change in the protocol and curriculum of Research, study, teaching and training.

B. Relation to Policy: Improving the genetic capabilities for increasing the productivity of livestock and poultry.
- Improvement of productivity through raising of chyangra, Sinhal , khari and Terai breeds of goats by suitable breed selection and proper breeding system.
- Improving of productivity through raising Bhyanlung, baruwal, Kage and Lampuchhre breeds of sheep by suitable breed selection and proper breeding system.
- Development of Horse and mules for transportation in mid hills and high mountains
- Establishment of  community resource centers to supply high quality breeds of livestock
- Production of yak, Nak, Chauri and Jhoppa for production of milk and transportation in high mountain regions.
- Improvement of jersey breeds of 75% genetic makeup in local breeds of cattle of mid hills.
- Improvement of local breeds of cattle  up to 75% of genetic make up of Holstein breeds in the place where intensive management ( green grass or fodder, balanced diet, animal health facility and good management practice)
- On demand basis Hariyana breed bulls and semen should be utilized for milk and bullock production in Terai region.
- Regulatory function should be managed through preparation of protocol/procedure in import, usage and research of exotic breeds of animals , their semen and embryo etc,

C. Relation to Policy: Conservation, improvement and utilization of animal biodiversity.
- In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation and Improvement of Achhame, Lulu, Khaila and yak in cattle breed whereas Lime, Parkote and Gaddi in buffalo breeds through people’s participation.
- In- situ and Ex-situ conservation and improvement of endangered bampudke pig through partnership program.
- In-situ conservation and improvement of Chwanche and hurrah pigs through partnership and people’s participation.
- There will be  system of identification, registration, conservation, improvement and utilization for local breed of animals
- Local people are encouraged for the conservation and promotion of local breeds of livestock and poultry.
- Encourage the local NGO/CBOs for conservation, improvement and utilization of local breeds.
- Public awareness program for the conservation, promotion and utilization of animal biodiversity. Such programs may be study, research, extension activities for establishing the public support.
- Development of eco tourism and conservation of genetic resources through establishing ecological farm parks.

D. Relation to Policy: Management of breed able (suitable for breeding)Livestock and poultry.
- Development of resource and market centers for suitable breeds of bulls, buck, ram, buff bull, chicks on the basis of productivity.
- Utilization of semen and embryo of   approved variety and breeds of livestock.
- Identification of the best bred able livestock on group, region and national level and development of their utilization system. Establishment of resource centers for specific species in specific regions and system of certification should be developed.
- Regulatory function for GMO.
- Commercial production of breedable animals only for the utilization of breeding.
- Gene Bank for the conservation of biodiversity and its market management.
- Prioritization of biotechnological research.
- Discourage on export of productive livestock and their sale for meat.

E. Relation to Policy: Research on high value commodity.
- Establish the necessary study, research and human resources development and extension of high value commodity.
- Encouragement of research on high value commodity through private and organizational / institutional basis.