Achievements (2014/15)

Semen Production : Increase in Quantity

Since beginning of frozen semen production NLBC had been producing around 20,000 doses of semen annually with highest being 32,000 in the year 2058/59 (2001/02). The lab after it was relocated at Pokhara, has increased semen production and produced record 625983 doses during FY 2014/15 which is 25% higher than previous year. The lab is capable of producing enough semen to fulfill the country's total demand, provided enough facilities are created and sufficient resources are made available.

Semen Collection from E.T. Bulls

NLBC in collaboration with NARC, began embryo transfer technology in cattle first time in Nepal in the year of 2059/60 (2002/03). This was initiation of a step to fulfill long waited plan of initiating ET in Nepal to produce superior bulls and bull mothers. The cattle embryos imported from New Zealand few years ago were transferred into cows of government and private farms in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktpur, Gorkha, Rupandehi, Dolakha, Bara, Kaski, Chitawan and Sunsari.
A total of 109 embryos were transferred resulting 18 pregnancies and 2 ET born bulls (PJET 3 & PJET 4) are already in collection and NLBC has frozen semen of 2 more bulls (PJET1 & PJET 2) born from ET born mother for  future AI. This landmark event is expected to be a turning point in the history of animal breeding in the country.

Semen Production- Installation of Latest Lab. Equipments

With financial suport of JICA non-project grant and Government of Nepal, NLBC has latest equiped frozen semen production Laboratory having;
1.    IMV IS-4 semen filling, sealing and printing machine (IMV France)
2.    Programmable bio-freezer.
3.    Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.
4.    25 KVA Capacity Generator
5.    Genomax Automatic filling, sealing and printing mechine (IMV France)
6.    Quarttro Automatic filling, sealing and printing mechine (Minitube Jermany)
7.    Production with SMILE technology (IMV France)
8.    Use of CASA system for semen analysis (Minitube Jermany)

Use of these machines is expected to improve frozen semen quality further while compared to manual machines (IS-1) the lab had been using. These latest equipments used by all the renounced labs all over the world are assets of NLBC and installation and use of these equipments has strengthened the capacity to produce quality frozen semen in large amount.

Laboratory established and production of Frozen Semen started in LBO, Lahan

The Frozen Semen production Laboratory established and start at LBO, Lahan from FY 2010/11. At Lahan we are going to produce frozen semen of Murrah and Hariyana Bulls with latest semen production machine.

Frozen semen production of Holstein Friesian

The breeding policy, 2056 did not allow to rear the Holstein cattle due to heavy investment and assumption of unsuitable for Nepalese climatic condition. However, there was huge demand of Holstein by the farmers. The inseminators were compelled to inseminate the Holstein cattle with Jersey semen which ultimately reduced the milk yield of offspring and caused frustration to the farmers. Some farmers used to receive the imported frozen Holstein semen but the service was limited.

Initiation of Progeny testing and pedigree and performance Recording System

Though progeny testing and pedigree and performance recording system was initiated by FAO since last year with the collaboration of Animal breeding division of NARC, NLBC was one of the partner. FAO has terminated its financial TCP assistance and now NLBC has to shoulder the program for its sustainability. Government of Nepal has recommended this program as one of the important tools for genetic improvement. NLBC chief was given the role of national coordinator and the program was continued in all 14 districts. This program would give the initiation of progeny testing at one hand, by other hand it will create the resource center of improved cattle and breeding bulls.