Conception Rate (2014/15)

NLBC and LBOs monitored AI program in various districts and farms of the country and the calculated results have been presented in percentages, which shows conception rate of AI in cattle to be 55.85 % and AI in buffalo is 47.64 % . As AI cards in many districts were not issued or were not available at the farm during monitoring, reports from some districts do not include exact AI numbers, thus number of AI for those districts have been assumed to be equal to the number of sample animals (monitored animals). For some districts the sample animals have been selected on random basis, but for the rest, the inseminated animals were monitored in certain pockets of concerned districts keeping individual monitoring record inseminator-wise. It can not be claimed that the  results presented below could be perfect but expected to be near perfect and we request all AI concerned officers and technicians to be more responsible in proper recording and regular and proper reporting of AI, so that we could have more effective AI service and reliable monitoring results