Artificial Insemination

Organization and Manpower


Though, AI was introduced in the country about 54 years back, network for providing service to farming community and skilled manpower to render the service, are yet to be developed. Production of semen and supply of LN2 to the program districts is responsibility of NLBC and LBOs, while DLSOs run the actual field program. Agencies and organizations involved in running AI program in 2071/72 are:

(A) Semen production
 - National Livestock Breeding Center (NLBC), Pokhara.
In Fiscal year 2014/15, NLBC produced 6,25,983 doses of frozen semen including 1,29,858 doses of  Murrah semen, 2,33,222 doses of Holstein semen and 2,54,090 doses of Jersey semen.

(B) LN2 Procurement and Production
 - National Livestock Breeding Center, Pokhara
 - Livestock Breeding Office, Lahan
 - Livestock Breeding Office, Nepalgunj

(C) Semen and LN2 distribution
 - National Livestock Breeding Center, Pokhara.   (34 districts of central and western region).
 - Livestock Breeding Office, Lahan.                      (12 districts of eastern development region).
 - Livestock Breeding Office, Nepalgunj. (18 districts of mid and far-western development region).

(D) Providing AI service
 - 61 District Livestock Service Offices through 920 AI Centers (including 366 of Government , 361 of CLBC and 193 private centers)
 - 207 Private Para-vets are working through 193 private AI Centers.

Out of 1909 technicians (including officers and non-officers in government service and private practitioners)  who have received Inseminator license, 1102 including Government (541), CLBC (354) and private (207) were found to have been engaged in providing AI service in 2014/15.